Laboratorios Coper | Medical Devices

Medical Devices, a qualitative leap for your products.

Laboratorios Coper offers its customers the opportunity to take a qualitative leap for their products by transitioning from cosmetics to medical devices.

By definition, cosmetics cannot be attributed with actions on the skin. Their purpose is limited to cleansing, perfuming, and protecting the skin while maintaining its good condition.

One way to attribute more properties and demonstrate a certain proven activity is by presenting the product with an added level of quality, as is the case with products manufactured within the framework of medical devices’ requirements.

Laboratorios Coper advises its customers on meeting the regulatory requirements set by the authorities and provides its manufacturing services for these types of products.

Laboratorios Coper with Ecovadis

Laboratorios Coper relies on Ecovadis as its sustainability rating provider.

Ecovadis bases its methodology on international sustainability standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact, or ISO 26000 standards.

Their track record as a certifying body has positioned them as the largest and most prestigious global evaluator of indicators that assess companies’ actions within the framework of their relationship with the environment, human rights, and sustainable development.

Laboratorios Coper joins the commitment to conduct its activities ethically and responsibly, ensuring environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

COSMETORIUM 2022 edition

COSMETORIUM has closed its 2022 edition, regaining the positive vibes from before the pandemic.

COSMETORIUM, the main annual event in the cosmetic industry, has concluded its 2022 edition.

COSMETORIUM is the largest gathering for the cosmetic industry in our country, where you can discover the latest sector innovations.

This year’s edition featured a higher number of national and international exhibitors and hundreds of cosmetic professionals, providing new ideas, knowledge, and countless business and networking opportunities throughout the two-day event.

Once again, the event offered an attractive program of scientific conferences led by prominent experts, as well as a comprehensive technical-commercial TechFocus program and additional practical workshops.

As usual, an engaging space was dedicated to exhibitors presenting their most innovative products to visitors.

Laboratorios Coper participated in this annual gathering, collaborating closely with speakers, visitors, and exhibitors. From the latter group, we gathered a series of interesting concepts and novel raw materials to propose to our clients in new projects.

Cannabidiol, the trendy super ingredient


CBD or cannabidiol, is a substance that is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which does not contain THC, the psychotropic chemical compound that marijuana has, but it does have numerous benefits such as antioxidant, moisturizing, relaxing and calming.

In the United States, cannabidiol oil is all the rage and many celebrities use it in their beauty routines, such as Kim Kardashian or Melissa McCarthy.

Laboratorios Coper has already included this ingredient in several cosmetic products and develops formulas with pure CBD cannabidiol and versions with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, enriched with CBD cannabidiol.

Hydroalcoholic gel


Hydroalcoholic gel has come into our lives and it has done so to stay.

All the experts recommend, along with social distancing and the use of a mask, good hand hygiene, as the best way to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

But you don’t always have soap and water nearby to be able to wash your hands properly. For this reason, hand sanitizing gel has become everyone’s usual companion.

The hydroalcoholic gel must include at least 70% alcohol in its formulation so that it can eliminate viruses, bacaliadoteria, fungi, germs with guarantees… Being also a product that will be in contact with our skin numerous times a day, it is necessary that be as non-aggressive as possible with it.

Laboratorios Coper designs sanitizing formulas, with ingredients that hydrate, nourish and condition the hands, leaving a fresh and pleasant aroma on the skin. All the textures they offer facilitate application and provide a silky, non-sticky finish.

New use proposal, conventional sachet



Laboratorios Coper has a versatile sachet packaging line, which allows for the incorporation of solid and bulky items into the sachet, such as product mini-sizes, vials, etc.

With this new proposal, a fresh and current touch can be given to the promotional product. In addition, the interesting alternatives in terms of materials and decoration, allow elegant and stylish finishes.

Regarding the traditional packaging of sachets, Laboratorios Coper has a wide range of sizes, materials and types of welding and with a significant monthly production capacity of individual sachets, with the possibility of double packaging.